3D Holograms Might Be Soon Introduced on Banknotes

03 Jul 2018  Tue

A company named Nano Tech Security from Vancouver is working on a technology to place 3D holograms on banknotes. These holograms might soon replace the 2D holographic strips which are currently being used as a security device on many paper currencies around the world.

The company claims that it would be extremely difficult and expensive to duplicate 3D holograms. An electronic beam lithography machine creates a stencil coated with electron-sensitive material in small nano-patterns. A square centimeter image has billions of pixels. The stencil is used to make a printing block that can be used for hundreds of thousands of notes.

Only a very few e-beam machines exist today which operate for research purposes. The one at Nano Tech can print images 10 by 10 centimeters large and can be used for other commercial applications. The company is already in talks with many G7 countries and the feature might soon be introduced officially.

Image courtesy: Nano Tech Security

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