Special Shrimps on Ascension Island’s First Titanium Coins

02 Jul 2018  Mon

Pobjoy Mint recently released Ascension Island’s first Titanium Coin. The coin depicts a special species of shrimps called Procaris ascensionis, swimming in a rock pool. They are mostly found in two small coastal rock pools on the island. The pools probably have underground connections with the ocean and have a rocky floor covered with clay. The smallest shrimps spend their time hiding in algae and crevices while the bigger ones are seen in the open water. These shrimps have a very poor vision and have special appendages to trap its prey.

Each coin is unique as Titanium reacts differently with every strike. The coin also features a lined effect that is unique to this metal. The obverse depicts Pobjoy Mint exclusive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The 28.28 g Titanium coin has a diameter of 36.10 mm and a mintage limit of Rs. 7,500. The 28.28 g CuNi version has a diameter of 38.60 mm and a mintage limit of 10,000. The Titanium coin comes in an acrylic capsule which is placed inside a red box with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Cupro Nickel coin comes raw in tubes while pouches can be purchased separately.

Image Courtesy: Pobjoy Mint

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