Cartoon Characters on Stamps from Luxembourg and the Netherlands

29 Jun 2018  Fri

Many countries have issued postage stamps featuring interesting cartoon characters in the recent past. Luxembourg released a 0.70 stamp on 15th May to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Comic Book Festival in Contern. The stamp was designed by comic book artist Andy Genen. The artist received his first Batman comic book when he was 6 years old and ever since then, he has been a big fan of American comics. A large selvage features more artwork from Genen.

The Netherlands also issued two stamps on 23rd April to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of a newspaper comic strip based on a duck and a canary, Fokke & Sukke. These stamps were released to introduce new frames for personalized stamps.

The nondenominated domestic-rate stamp was issued in a pane of 10 while that for the international rate was issued in a pane of five. The stamps feature different images of Fokke and Sukke taking selfies.

Illustrations from the comic strip’s creators, Jean-Marc van Tol, John Reid and Bastiaan Geleijnse were used to create the designs by Martin Majoor.

Image Courtesy: Luxembourg and the Netherlands Post

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