50 million mark stamp of Germany

27 Jun 2018  Wed

One of the most expensive stamps at a period of time, this German 50,000,000 mark stamp is also historically important. It is a magnificent example of the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic of Germany from 1915 to 1924, as it was issued at that time.

This stamp was bought by Ross Baker in pre-war Vienna, Austria for 50,00,000 marks; today the value of this stamp is very low. Ross Baker was a professor in the City University of New York, in 1937. Later on, he took a sabbatical leave to study at the University of Vienna with his family. At that time, the family witnessed many historical events from Hitler’s visit to Austria to Nazi forces marching in Vienna.

The factors that connect with these stamps and his buyer make this stamp one of the most interesting issues of the German Post.

Image Courtesy: Google Search

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