Mysterious of Crystal Skull on stamp

26 Jun 2018  Tue

Carved thousands or even tens of thousands of year ago by an ancient Mesoamerican civilization, little is exactly known about these crystal skulls. There making is the biggest mystery in the world, because the technique and skills used for its creation shouldn’t be known to the people of that time, according to the historians, scientists and archaeologist from all over the world.

Today, many relics of these skulls are created in the countries like China, Brazil and Germany. But the few which are rare had created huge controversy among the scholars and museum officials. Some people connect this skull for to the supernatural fascination like in the book Mysteries of the Crystal skulls co-author Joshua Shapiro reveals that these skulls are used for healings and expanding psychic abilities. Some believe that crystal skulls are the form of computer which records energy and vibration.

Many excavations were conducted to trace its origin, whether it’s fake or it’s seriously a mysterious creation of our ancestors. There is no possible way to trace the accurate age of this object because it is made of the inorganic object. The interest and curiosity of this object were further boosted by the famous sequel, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

This skull was illustrated on the mysteries series stamp of Maldives Post issued in 1992. This sheet illustrated the Crystal Skull within the perforation.

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