Rayon I stamp of Switzerland

26 Jun 2018  Tue

The Rayon I stamp was issued in Switzerland in 1850. It was one of the first issues of its post. This stamp was one of the first stamps circulated after the cantons adopted the federal constitution in 1848.

The stamp that illustrates a complete cross is thought to be rarest among these series. This stamp was printed in the blue shade on the wove paper. This stamp with the same denomination of 5 Rp. was reissued in 1851 in Prussian blue and orange-red colours; in this issue, the complete frame lines are exceedingly rare.

A brilliant specimen of 5Rp Rayon I stamp printed in blue colour, an 1850 issue was auctioned for 293,000 dollars by Rapp Auction House in 2008.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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