Copper Falus of Khudadad Khan

25 Jun 2018  Mon

The Princely State of Kalat existed in the central part of the province of Balochistan, Pakistan. The state was bounded by the Persia on its west, on the east by the Bolan Pass, the Marrii and Bugti hills, and on the south by Las Bela and the Arabian Sea.

The Khanate of Kalat was founded by Mir Ahmad Khan Qambrani Baloch in 1666 and reached at its zenith during the period of Mir Naseer Khan Noori Ahmadzai. Ahmadzai Brahui ruled the state independently until 1839. Later, it became a self-governing state in a subsidiary alliance with British India. The state acceded to Pakistan on 27th March 1948. It remained the Princely State of Pakistan until 1955 when it was incorporated into the country.

This is a copper Falus issued in the reign of Khudadad Khan of Kalat Princely state. The obverse of a coin depicts the Persian legend ‘Zarb Mahmud Khan’ while the reverse of a coin inscribed ‘Fulus Kalat’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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