Silver Rupee of Bani Singh

22 Jun 2018  Fri

The royal lineage of Alwar was ruled by Narula Lalawat clan of Rajput dynasty. Located in north-eastern part of Rajasthan today, it was established in 1722 by Rao Pratap Singh of Macheri. Rao Pratap Singh was descendent from the royal house of Jaipur in the 14th century. Alwar was the first princely State to use coin minted in the Calcutta mint during British Raj.

This silver Rupee is attributed to the reign of Bani Singh. The coin was minted in the name of Muhammad Akbar II from Rajgarh mint.

The obverse of a coin depicts the Persian legend ‘Muhammad Akbar Shah Badshah’ while the reverse of the coin is inscribed with Julus formula, RY, and mint name. This piece was sold for INR 4000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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