Joel R. Anderson Collection Part II Sale

22 Jun 2018  Fri

Stacks Bowers is soon going to offer the second part of Joel R. Anderson Collection which comprises of several rare US Banknotes. The first part of the collection was offered in March. Every note from the collection has been put together with a lot of dedication, research, and patience by Joel R. Anderson.

In 1963, the sealed vaults of the Treasury building in Washington DC were opened and thousands of 1,000-coin bags of Morgan and Peace silver dollars, 1878 releases, key issues, rarities, Carson City Mint issues etc. were out. Joel R. Anderson and his brother purchased many such coins at face value.

The Andersons continued to expand their business in various domains from entertainment to retailing. Whitman Publishing Company was purchased from St. Martin’s Press in 2003. 300 books were issued on different numismatic subjects. It also started supplying books officially to American Numismatic Association.

Joel kept on building his collection of coins and then started paying more attention to paper money. Joel looked for the finest-condition example of every major large-size federal paper money design from the first widely circulated issues of 1861 to the 1920s. Notes with major changes within a type were also collected. He also purchased the first million-dollar note at an auction. PCGS Currency has certified all the notes in this collection.

Some of the highlights of the next sale include rare Demand Notes, Silver Certificates of Deposit of 1878 and 1880, National Gold Bank Notes, Series of 1870 etc. History and other information about the notes has been mentioned by Stacks Bowers Galleries.

Image courtesy: Stacks Bowers Galleries

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