World Music day, Fete de la Musique

21 Jun 2018  Thu

Music is a bridge that can connect people from all over the globe. The notes, songs, tune, emotion can be sung in different languages, its soul and energy can touch thousands and millions of people at once. To celebrate this language of melodies, music lovers all across the globe came together on the 21st day of June to celebrate Fete de la Musique, World Music day.

The name Fete de la Musique was taken from the music festival, that commenced in France in 1982. The origin of this festival is connected to the French Prime Minister, who suggested the idea of including music in this festival and since then, it is celebrated. There is another theory, that an American musician Joel Cohen proposed an idea to commence an all-night music celebration in France to mark the beginning of the summer solstice in 1976.

Many singers and musicians from various countries are participating in this event, it has become part of pop culture and is celebrated in more than 32 countries as on the most important summer event.

In India, music resides is the very essence of its culture. In oral traditions, sacred hymns of the Vedas were taught and remembered by chanting it in musical and rhythmic forms. It is said that the mighty Asura king Ravan was the great chanter of the Sama Veda. Great musicians like Mian Tansen, M.S. Subbulakshmi, Pt Ravi Shankar, S. Balachander, Lata Mangeshkar, etc came from this musical land.

To celebrate this melodious day we present you with detailed information about the two known musical instruments of ancient India called Bansuri and Rudraveena.

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