Fish Skin on Stamp

21 Jun 2018  Thu

Stamps are that platform which showcases the uniqueness of a particular country and brings it in front of the world. It might sound a little weird, but Faroe Island issued a stamp made of fish skin. Posta Faroe Islands has issued a special stamp featuring a piece of Atlantic Cod Skin on the stamp.

The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is commonly found in the waters around the Faroe Islands and Iceland, as well as Greenland - and from Labrador in the north to North Carolina in the south. Tanning of fish skin an ancient art and codfish leather if properly treated is often stronger than ordinary cowhide.

The size of fish skins has made them especially well-suited for producing smaller items, such as shoes, bags, purses and watchbands. Sewn together, they can also be used in the garment industry and to upholster furniture.

The Codfish skin on the stamp is supplied by fish exporter Nevið in Runavík, tanned by Atlantic Leather in Iceland and printed by Cartor in France. This DKK 50,00 stamp, is world’s first Fish Skin on a Stamp.

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