New Book Release: Obsolete Paper Money: A Guide with Prices

21 Jun 2018  Thu

A reference book named Obsolete Paper Money: A Guide with Prices, by Don Kelly was recently published. It is a replacement for Haxby four-volume United States Obsolete Banknotes, 1782–1866, that was published in 1988.

The book was introduced during the International Paper Money Show in Kansas City on 8th June. Several copies were sold during the show.

All the notes are listed in a three-column format and coloured images of notes are used. An alphabetical order is followed as per the state name after which notes issued by banks, merchants, and municipalities are listed. A listing of issuing entities is provided at the beginning of every section which is arranged by city.

72 regular issues of the Confederate States of America along with market values for “raw” as well as “slabbed” notes are listed in a separated section. Notes of the Kingdom and Republic of Hawaii are also given a different section.

Pricing for notes in Very Good and Very Fine conditions is provided on most occasions. A third grade is included wherever necessary. Pricing for note proofs and unissued notes in Very Fine and New condition is also mentioned. A bibliography is provided at the end.

The book offers a broad perspective of obsolete paper money and covers commonly found, inexpensive, and inspiring notes. A sample of the rarest notes is also included. The paperback version of the book costs $80 while the spiral-bound version can be purchased for $90.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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