Jahangir’s Silver Rupee of Elichpur Mint

20 Jun 2018  Wed

This silver Rupee shown beside was minted during the reign of Jahangir. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with Persian legend- ‘Shah Nur-al-Din Jahangir Ibne Akbar Badshah’ with AH 1015 while the reverse of the coin depicts Kalima ‘La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah’.

The birds on both sides of this coin are locked in ‘hunt’ in terms of design context. The falcon on the obverse swoops, with his wings close to his body to prey on the quail, shown cowering among the letters on the reverse. The spread-out talons of the falcon, ready to grasp the quail, are very clearly shown under his belly. On this coin the falcon is shown perched on a branch, looking back, indicating it has either accomplished the kill, or it is about swoop on his victim. This is a very rare variation, noticed so far only on a couple of pieces. The design might have had a connotation with Mughal campaigns against the Nizam Shahi Sultanate.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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