Copper Half-Paisa of Madurai Sultan

18 Jun 2018  Mon

Madurai is a magnificent city which is situated in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Madurai is closely associated with Tamil Language and the third Tamil Sangam age, the major congregation is said to have been held in this city. For a person that is really interested in art, history and culture, then Madurai is a place for you to visit.

Madurai Sultanate was a short-lived independent Muslim Kingdom based on the city of Madurai. The Sultanate declared its independence in the year 1335 CE with the victory of Jalaluddin Ahsan Khan over Delhi Sultanate. Ashan Khan and his descendants ruled Madurai until 1378 when the last sultanate of Madurai lost the battle against the forces led by Vijaynagar Empire.

This copper Half-Paika which weighs around 1.6g was issued by Ala-Al Din Sikandar Shah. The obverse of this coin depicted the legends, which reads 'Sikandar Shah Sultan’. The reverse of this coin depicts the legends 'Barguzida i-Rahman’.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction.

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