Fiumei Road Cemetery Honoured on Hungarian Coin

16 Jun 2018  Sat

The Hungarian Mint and the Hungarian National Heritage Institute had together started a new series of legal tender commemorative coins celebrating national memorials in 2014. A new coin from this series is released annually. This year’s coin honours the Heritage Site- Fiumei Road Cemetery and will be released by the end of June.

The obverse features a half-view of the statue which is situated above the tomb of Lajos Kossuth, designed by Sculptor Alajos Stróbl. The great statesman is shown holding a torch in one hand. He is standing behind a lion representing Hungary, breaking the shackles. The reverse depicts the mausoleum of Ferenc with its walkway and other gravestones in the background. The 18.4 grams coin has a mintage limit of 5,000 pieces and can be purchased for $22.95.

The Fiumei Road Cemetery was set up almost 170 years ago as a public burial ground in Pest and has graves of respected Hungarians such as Ady, Jókai, Arany, Erkel, Faludy, Jancsó and Imre Kertész. There is also a mausoleum for national heroes like Lajos Batthyány, Deák, and Kossuth. It has separate sections for artists, Jacobins, and heroes of the 1848 and 1956 revolutions. The 138-acre cemetery is also known for its rich flora and fauna.

Image Courtesy: Hungarian Mint

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