Gold coin of Emperor Samudragupta

15 Jun 2018  Fri

This gold dinar of was issued during the reign of Emperor Samudragupta in circa 335 to 380 CE. This coin is listed as kacha type with its weighs around 7.64g.

The obverse of this coin depicts the profile of the nimbate king in standing position facing left holding a wheel-headed standard in the left hand. In the right field Brahmi legend is inscribed, which reads ‘(Kacho Gamavajatya Divam) Karmabhiruttamair Jayati’ meaning ‘having conquered the earth, Kacha wins the heaven by excellent deeds’, the Kacha is depicted vertically below the king’s elbow.

The reverse of this coin depicts goddess Lakshmi in standing position facing left holding a cornucopia with Brahmi legend ‘Sarvarajochchhetta’ meaning ‘exterminator of all kings’ inscribed in the right field.

This coin was sold for INR 1, 10,000 by the Todywalla Auction in Mumbai.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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