Celebrating the 50th anniversary of creation of Professor Balthazar

15 Jun 2018  Fri

Professor Balthazar was an animated series created about 50 years ago by Zagreb films. The popularity of this show gave huge recognition to the Zagreb school of Animated Films from 1968 to 1977.

This show's storyline revolves around a hurried small man called Balthazar, a likeable scientist. He solves the problem by using his extensive knowledge, his helping hand in this task is a complex machine that produces a solution in the shape of a magical drop. It is an anime formatted short show for children; it helps them to learn the value and positive attitudes towards problem-solving without using violence.

In 2018, the Croatia post issued this colourful and vibrant stamp to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this famous Croatian animated film. This show was even popular in countries like Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, etc.

Image Courtesy: picclick.co.uk

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