Copper Coins of Muhammad Adil Shah

15 Jun 2018  Fri

Muhammad Adil Shah sat on the throne in the year 1552 CE and ruled it till 1556 CE. When Muhammad Adil Shah sat on the throne he had lost both Delhi and Agra and henceforth he made his headquarters further east probably at Chunar and Qanauj. Due to this reason, coins issued by him had fewer mints compared to those of his predecessors.

Muhammad Adil Shah Issued coins in silver and copper. In copper, he issued denomination like Paisa and Half-Paisa. Copper Paisa by him weighs around 20-21g and copper Half-Paisa issued by him weighs around 10-11g. Copper coin issued by him was minted in Chunar, Gwalior, Jaunpur, Kalpi and Shahgarh. He had also issued some mintless type coins.

This copper paisa issued by him weighs around 20.7g and was minted in Gwalior. The obverse of this coin depicts name title on the king with a cross mint-mark at the bottom. The reverse of the coin depicts mint name and Hijri year.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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