Silver Rupee of Suraj Mal

14 Jun 2018  Thu

Illustrated here is a silver Rupee coin, it was issued during the reign of King Suraj Mal of Bharatpur Princely State. This coin was struck in the name of Shah Alam II. The obverse of a coin is inscribed with Persian legend ‘Zad Bar Haft Kishwara Muhammad Shah Alam Badshah'. The reverse of the coin depicts Julus formula, mint name, and RY. ‘Sanah Ahad Zarb Mustaqir-ul-Khilafah Akbarabad (Agra) Julus Mainamat Manus'.

Shah Alam II was declared the absentee Emperor by the Marathas in October 1760. Suraj Mal, the Jat Maharaja of Bharatpur was an important ally of the Marathas with their war against the Afghan army headed by Ahmed Shah Durrani. Hence, when the Marathas were defeated at Panipat in January 1761, Suraj Mal occupied Agra as part of his counteroffensive against the Afghans. Agra remained in Jat possession till 1774.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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