Shashthi, wife of Lord Kartikey on coins

13 Jun 2018  Wed

Shashthi is the folk goddess in Hindu mythology, she is associated with childbirth and vegetation. She is illustrated as a motherly figure mounted on a cat and nurturing two small infants. As the consort of Lord Kartikeya, she is also known as Devasena.

The Yaudheyas, a tribe of Punjab illustrated this goddess of their coins. This copper ¼ fractional copper unit depicts six headed Kartikeya in the centre holding a spear with a un-deciphered Brahmi legend on the obverse side.

The reverse of this coin depicts goddess Shasthi with blossomed flower-like head in the standing position with one hand on the waist and other hand holding a flower. A multi-branched tree in railed formed is depicted on the right with a six-arched hill with a standard crescent on the left within the dotted border.

This coin come in shadanana Shashti type and weighs around 1.69g.

Image Courtesy: mintage world

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