Royal Mail’s Favourite Stamp of 2017

13 Jun 2018  Wed

A stamp popularity poll is conducted every year by the Royal Mail through the British Philatelic Bulletin. The Windsor Castle set of 10 was nominated as the favourite stamp set of 2017 while the nondenominated first-class Shattered Poppy stamp was nominated as the favourite stamp of 2017.

The Shattered Poppy stamp was a part of a set of six stamps that was released on 31st July 2017. The photo shows a poppy that was frozen in liquid nitrogen before being shattered.

The Windsor Castle set of 10 was issued on 15th February 2017 and feature the beautiful views of the Long Walk, the Round Tower, Norman Gate, St. George’s Hall, the Queen’s Ballroom and the Waterloo Chamber. A souvenir sheet was also released with stamps depicting the interior views of St. George’s Chapel. The castle was built in 1070 under William the Conqueror.

The Songbirds set of 10 first-class stamps took the second spot in the stamp set category, and the Wren stamp from the same issue came second in the single stamp category. The set also depicts a great tit, willow warbler, goldcrest, skylark, blackcap, song thrush, nightingale, cuckoo, and yellowhammer.

The first-class Round Tower stamp from the Windsor Castle issue was third in the favourite stamp poll. Windmills and Watermills set of six, issued on 20th June 2017, took the third spot for the favourite stamp set.

Image Courtesy: The Royal Mail

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