4c Columbian Colour Error Stamp

12 Jun 2018  Tue

The Columbian Issue or the Columbians is a set of 16 postage stamps were issued by the US to commemorate the World’s Columbus Exposition held in the year 1893.

The 4c Columbian Error happened due to the use of wrong batch of Ink. The blue ink of 4c and 1c stamps was not supposed to be the same. Even though the stamps were taken back, few panes reached the market.

The fine conditioned block of four 4c Columbian stamps is estimated to fetch $90.000 in an upcoming auction.

The Columbian stamps have more value because they were the first commemorative stamps issued by the US as well as they depict various events during the life of Christopher Columbus.

Image Curtsey: https://findyourstampsvalue.com

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