World Day Against Child Labour

12 Jun 2018  Tue

In 2002, the International Labour Organisation launched the World Day Against Child Labour on 12th June. This day was commenced to divert the global attention towards child labour, its motive is to take action and efforts to eliminate it.

The leaders all over the globe adopted the concept of Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, all the governments, employee and worker organisation with millions of people came together to highlight problems faced by them and help the child labourers to achieve a safe working environment.

To support these efforts and remove the child labour, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and International Organisation of Employers (IOE) have together created the Child Labour Guidance Tool. It is a resource for companies to increase their knowledge and ability to conduct a guideline to stop the issue of International Child labour.

To commemorate this day Sri Lank Post issued a stamp in 2015. This stamp illustrates a child carrying the heavy burden of the caption ‘No to labour- Yes to quality education’.

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