Marcopolo Sheep

07 Jun 2018  Thu

The Marcopolo Sheep is a subspecies of argali sheep, named after Marco Polo. The majestic and magnificent animal, it is recognized by their large size and very long outward curving horns. Their habitat is the mountainous regions of Central Asia.

The sheep are named after the 13th-century explorer Marco Polo because they were described in The Travels of Marco Polo. Most of these sheep live in the Pamir Mountains region adjacent to the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and China.

These sheep are also called “Marco Polo’s Argali” or the “Pamir Argali”. They have an average lifespan of 13 years. It is an endangered species throughout its habitat. Pakistan wildlife conservation Foundation had adopted this sheep as its symbol. They preserve this most beautiful sheep in the country through a fundraising and publicity campaign.

To focus world attention on the need to protect this vulnerable Wildlife species Pakistan Post Office issued one special postage stamp of 2 Rupee value depicting Marcopolo Sheep on December 4, 1986.

Image Source: Google Images

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