Poland’s 100th Independence Day to be Celebrated on Coins

07 Jun 2018  Thu

The 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence was celebrated with the release of new 5 zloty commemorative coins by the Mint of Poland. 38,424,000 pieces of this coin have been released - a number which is equal to the current population of Poland.

The obverse and reverse designs are similar to that of standard coins. It features a new inscription“100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence”. These commemorative 5 zloty coins make up for 10% of its generic version. The Mint hopes that every citizen will get one coin each.

To celebrate 100-years-old events, a coin with an unusual denomination of PLN 2018 and a mintage of 1918 pieces would be minted along with other monies and stucco coins and a banknote. The Mint of Poland would also be issuing commemorative coins to honour the Polish national team taking part in the Winter Games in Pyongsang. Another coin would be dedicated to the famous modern Polish economist, Fryderyk Skarbek.

Image Courtesy: Mint of Poland

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