Virginia Apgar on US stamp

07 Jun 2018  Thu

Did you see today’s Google doodle? Know who she is?

Google is celebrating the 109th birthday of Dr Virginia Apgar, an American obstetrical anesthetist. Dr Virginia Apgar was a leader in the fields of anaesthesiology and teratology, and introduced obstetrical considerations to the established field of neonatology.

To the public, however, she is best known as the inventor of the “Apgar score”, a way to quickly assess the health of newborn children immediately after birth. Dr. Apgar was the first woman selected for a full professorship at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Apgar also co-wrote a book in 1972 called "Is My Baby All Right?" which explained the causes and treatment of a variety of common birth defects.

The perinatal section of the American Academy of Pediatrics named its annual award for her. The Apgar Award is given annually to the person who has done the most to improve medical care for newborn babies and their mothers.

She died of liver cirrhosis on August 7, 1974 at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Centre. To honour her contribution in the field of neonatal medicine and acre USPS has issued a commemorative stamp in 1994. This 20c postage stamp has her portrait with her name and profession around.

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