Slovakian Souvenir Banknote Featuring Military Tanker

06 Jun 2018  Wed

The Slovak National Uprising (SNP) Museum from Banska Bystrica issued 5,000 copies of an official zero-euro souvenir banknote. The notes were released on Victory over Fascism Day (8th May) and 3,000 copies were sold out within just two hours and 15 minutes. 1,000 notes were reserved for foreign markets and the remaining 1,000 copies were held up for email orders from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Many had to go back empty-handed on the first day of sale. Due to the great response, officials have stated that the SNP Museum might issue more such banknotes.

The banknote depicts the SNP Memorial and the LT vz. 38 tank which was used during the Slovak National Uprising. They were printed on actual euro-banknote paper. Each note has all the security features that real Euro notes come with. They also have a unique serial number. Although the face value of these notes is 0, they were sold for €2.

Such kinds of souvenir notes were first issued in France in 2015 depicting famous cultural and historical monuments or attractive tourist sights of respective countries.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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