1sh Orange stamp issued in Newfoundland

06 Jun 2018  Wed

Newfoundland issued one shilling orange coloured stamp in 1860. It is one of the rarest stamps of British North America made from handmade paper without mesh.

This stamp came in three printing varieties. Each type of this stamp was printed on different papers using different colour. The first type was printed on 1st January 1857. It was a scarlet Vermilion coloured stamp printed on thick wove. The second stamp was printed in 1860 in orange colour on handmade paper (the above-shown stamp) and the third type was printed in 1861 in Rose colour on similar Stacey wise paper.

The orange one shilling stamp of 1860 is rarest of this variety, its unused specimen is extremely rare and only a few have its original adhesive. It is believed that the first auction in which this stamp was offered took place in 1921, after that this stamp was never bid again.

Image Courtesy: Stampauctionnetwork.com

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