Rare 1994 Sweden Stamp Booklet

05 Jun 2018  Tue

Christoph Gaertner would be offering a very rare set of Swedish Postage Stamps from 11th to 15th June. The offered item is a booklet of 10 3.60 kronor stamps issued in 1994 featuring Horses.

It is the only known example of its type. The booklet consists of five stamps each of two Horses designs with 3.20k denominations.

This booklet was printed because the Postal authorities thought there would be an increase in postage rate. However, the stamps were never issued. One example survived. The booklet cover describes the 3.60k stamps and is printed in two colours.

The item has a starting bid of €20,000. The auction also offers other stamps from Asia, Malaya, thematics and overseas, Europe, Germany, international rarities etc.

Image Courtesy: Christoph Gaertner Auction

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