Frankenstein Turns 200

05 Jun 2018  Tue

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of “Frankenstein”. To commemorate this special occasion Jersey Post is all set to issue eight spooky stamps.

Frankenstein is one of the legendary horror stories published in the year 1818. This brainchild of Mary Shelly manages to haunt our dreams even after 200 years. It all began with a completion. Mary Shelly decided to participate in a competition. After nights and nights of intense brain-storming, she came up with a story which is still a best seller.

Published in 1818, it is the story of Dr Frankenstein, a scientist who creates a living being from the bodies of the dead. Despite his noble intentions, Frankenstein creates a monster. All the scenes from this world famous novel are featured brilliantly on the stamps being issued by the Jersey post. Ranging from 40p to 1.38 pounds these stamps are based on staged photographs.

These lively stamps are as scary and spooky as the novel itself.

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