Gold Tanka of Jalal ud Din Firuz Shah

04 Jun 2018  Mon

Jalal-ud-din Firuz Shah was the founder and first Sultan of the Khalji dynasty. He ruled the Delhi Sultanate from 1290 to 1296 AD.

He issued coins in gold, silver, copper, and billon. It consists of various denominations such as Tanka, Jital, Paika, and Adli.

This gold Tanka of Jalal ud Din Firuz Shah was struck at Hazrat Delhi Mint. The obverse of the coin depicts legend ‘Al Sultan Al Azam Jalal Al Dunya Wal Din Abul Muzaffar Firuz Shah Al Sultan’. The reverse of the coin shows the legend Al-Imam Al-Musta'sim Amir al mominin within the centre and Mint and Date on Margin.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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