USPS Celebrates Centenary of Airmail Stamp

04 Jun 2018  Mon

The United States Postal Service is honouring the beginning of airmail service by dedicating two Forever stamps this year. The first-day-of-issue ceremony was held on May 1 at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.

Both stamps, printed in the intaglio print method, depict the type of plane typically used in the early days of airmail, a Curtiss JN-4H biplane which also featured on the stamps originally issued in 1918 to commemorate the beginning of regularly scheduled airmail service.

The first, depicted in blue, commemorates the pioneering spirit of the brave pilots who first flew the mail in the early years of aviation. The second stamp, this in red, will commemorate this milestone.

The words “UNITED STATES” and “AIR MAIL” are respectively at the top and bottom of the stamp. “EST” is an abbreviation for “established.” The stamps are issued as Forever stamps.

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