Brazil Honors Postal Library with a Stamp

02 Jun 2018  Sat

A new stamp from Brazil honours the postal library at the Correios National Museum in Brasilia. This 1.55-real stamp was issued May 4 to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the library.

The library was established in 1888 in Rio de Janeiro and was transferred to Brasilia almost a century later. Its collection consists of bibliographic documents, for example, rare pieces of history such as the Collection of Decisions made by the Empire of Brazil, journals from the Universal Postal Union-UPU and Philatelic Bulletins, as well as special materials produced by the Post that are available for local loan.

Designed by Vivia Ferreira, the stamp features books and postal items, including mailbags, mailboxes, covers, a hand-stamp canceller and a circular date stamp. An open book is shown in the foreground of the stamp, with several additional books on a shelf in the background. The books in the background present a historical record of Brazil’s postal services.

According to Brazil’s postal service, these items represent the different postal activities carried out over time, whose procedures are registered and available for consultation and studies at the library.

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