Silver Dirham of Al-Saffah

31 May 2018  Thu

The Abbasids were the third Caliphate dynasty of the Islamic empire. They are descended of Muhammad's uncle, Al-Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib, from whom the dynasty takes its name. They ruled as caliphs for most of their reign from their capital in Baghdad in modern-day Iraq. After assuming authority over the Muslim empire from the Umayyads in 750 CE (132 AH).

Their coins differed slightly from those of their precursors, the Umayyads. Both gold Dinar and silver Dirham bore the short legend on its reverse "Mohammed is the Prophet of Allah." This legend had been used on Umayyad silver coins as part of the marginal inscription for a whileand had long been the legend on bronze coins. This coin bears the traditional formula on its obverse, the Kalima: “There is no God except Allah he has no Partner”.

The above shown silver Dirham was issued in the reign of first Abbasid Caliph Al-Saffah. He is one of the longest and most important caliphates of Islamic history.

Image Source: Google Images

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