Rare Judaean Bronze Coin to be Auctioned

30 May 2018  Wed

Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers’ Pre-Long Beach auction is going to offer a rare Judaean bronze coin on 12th and 13th June. The coin was struck in the Herodian Kingdom by Herod of Chalcis and has an estimated value of $7,500.

The obverse features the king wearing a diadem. The inscription can be translated to “friend of Claudius” or “one with whom Claudius is friendly.” The reverse inscription can be translated to “for Claudius Caesar Augustus”. The date reads year three, which means that the coin was struck in A.D. 43 or 44. The 15.72 grams coin features dark brown patina with greenish highlights.

King Herod Agrippa requested Emperor Claudius to appoint his younger brother, also named Herod, king of Chalcis, in Coele-Syria in AD 41. The request was granted and the offered coin was struck when Herod of Chalcis was enthroned. A Herodian became the king of a non-Jewish land which was far north of Judaea. This indicates that Claudius supported this family very much. The Herodians came up with interesting coin designs to honour Claudius.

Image Courtesy: Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers

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