Cuban Antilles

29 May 2018  Tue

The Antilles are referred to as the First Stamps of Cuba. Issued in April 1855, these stamps were joint issues with Puerto Rico.

Cuba- an island country in the Caribbean Sea was colonized by Spain. With the Spanish settlement, this small island in the Caribbean Sea underwent many developments or changes. Postage system was one of them. Almost a decade after British, Spain issued her First Postage Stamp in the year 1850.

A proposal was issued in the Royal decree at Madrid for the issuing of the stamps for West Indies. Hence, the first postage stamps were placed on sale on April 24, 1855. Engraved by Don Jose Perez Varela, these ½ Real stamps feature a left facing Portrait of Queen Isabella II.

Cuba had separate stamps from 1873. However, Postage stamps continued to be labelled only "ULTRAMAR" (overseas) until the word CUBA appeared for the first time in 1877.

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