Iron Pillar of Delhi

28 May 2018  Mon

Standing at the centre of the Quwwatul Mosque the ‘Iron Pillar’ is one of Delhi’s most curious structures. It is famous for the rust-resistant composition of the metals used in its construction. The pillar highlights ancient India’s achievements in metallurgy.

It is originally erected and dedicated as Dhvaja to Hindu Deity Lord Vishnu by Chandragupta II. It weighs around more than 6 tons and is made of 98 percent wrought iron. The Height of the pillar, from the top of its capital to the bottom of its base, is 7.21 metres, of which 101 metre is underground. The pillars lower diameter is 420 mm, and its upper diameter is 306 mm.

To commemorate this Pillar India Post has issued 60 Paisa postage stamp in 1987.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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