Bahamani Sultan Coin Sold For INR 70,000

28 May 2018  Mon

Ala-Al-Din Mujahid Shah (AD 1375-1378) was a Sultan of Bahamini Sultanate. The Bahamani Kingdom was a Muslim state in South India. It was the first Independent Islamic kingdom in South India founded by Ala Al-Din Bahman Shah in the year 1347 after defeating a Delhi Sultan Muhammad Bin Tughluq.

Ala Al-Din Mujahid Shah issued coins in gold, silver and copper. All the coins issued by him are rare. Both his gold Dinar and Tanka have a different legend, His gold dinar bears legend ‘ Al-Sultan Al- Azam Zill Allah Fi Alam’ meaning ‘the Supreme Sultan, the shadow of God in the world’ the tanka issued by him bears the legend ‘Abul Mughazi’ meaning ‘ father of battles’.

This very rare silver tanka was issued by him in the Hijri year 779, from the mint Hadrat Ahsanabad. This coin was sold for INR 70,000 in Classical Numismatic Gallery auction which was held in Delhi on 19th May 2018. The obverse side of the coin depicts the legend ‘Al-Sultan Al-Azam Ala Al-Dunya Wa’l Din Abul Mughazi Mujahid Shah Al-Sultan’. The reverse of the coin depicts the legend ‘Al-Mu’ayyad Bi-Nasr Allah Yamin Al-Khilafa Nasir Amir Al-Muminin’.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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