The Star and Crescent Stamp of Brunei

26 May 2018  Sat

The star and crescent illustrating stamp were the earliest stamps of Brunei. They were issued in the year 1895. These stamps come with different varieties and are particularly attractive to many collectors.

Located on the north coast in Southeast Asia, Brunei had become a British protectorate, in 1888. Earlier, Brunei used the stamps of Sarawak. Official national stamps were issued in 1895 and were produced in Glasgow. As the stamps could only be used in Brunei they were referred to as ‘locals’.

These stamps come in various colours and denominations but the design is uniform. The stamps got their name because the main theme of the stamps is a radiant star and an inverted crescent. They depict a picturesque landscape of a river and a hill with two trees.

The stamps long considered being bogus but subsequently shown to be genuine.

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