150th Birth Anniversary of German Architect Peter Behrens

25 May 2018  Fri

On 12th April, Deutsche Post issued a 70¢ stamp 12 to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Peter Behrens. The German architect was born in 1868 and was known for his exceptional industrial design.

Designed by Daniela Haufe and Detlef Fiedle, the stamp depicts a portrait of the great architect. The AEG turbine factory in Berlin is shown in green. The interior view is depicted in blue. The factory was designed by Behrens and built in 1908-09.

The Linz Tobacco Factory is shown in pink. Behrens and Austrian architect Alexander Popp collaborated to design this factory which was built between 192 and 35. Behrens had designed other interesting products like a wine glass in 1898, electric tea kettle in 1909, electric clock in 1910 and a table fan, all of which are also shown on the stamp design. Behrens had also designed poster stamps (cinderellas) for AEG, but it’s not depicted on the stamp.

A 1987 West Berlin stamp commemorating the 750th anniversary of Berlin shows the AEG turbine factory. A 1998 stamp celebrating 20th-century design features his glassware.

Image Courtesy: Deutsche Post

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