Jonines Festival Celebrated on Latest Lithuanian Coins

25 May 2018  Fri

Bank of Lithuania is going to release commemorative issues in two denominations on 7th to celebrate Jonines festival. The reverse design shows a fern fiddlehead with the fern flower at the centre. The moon and sun are seen in the background. The design’s circular border shows greenery and dew drops. Other inscriptions on the reverse include JONINES and RASOS SVENTE. Dew droplets form the knight from Lithuania’s coat of arms on the obverse. Other inscriptions on the obverse include LIETUVA, 2018, and €5 or €1.50, and the Mint mark of the Lithuanian Mint.

The 11.1 grams copper-nickel €1.50 version with a rimmed-edge has a mintage limit of 30,000 pieces and can be purchased for €2 each. The 12.44 grams Proof .925 silver €5 coin has a mintage limit of 3,000 pieces and can be purchased for €49 each. The edge depicts an oak wreath. The central fern flower is colourised using pad-printing technology.

June 24th is known as Rasos in Lithuania and is observed after the summer solstice. Various flowers like Jasmine and peonies blossom during this season. It is believed that the morning due of this festival has special powers for the mind and body. People burn bonfires, make wreaths and look out for ferns as a part of the celebrations.

Image Courtesy: Bank of Lithuania

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