Highlights of classical numismatics Auction

24 May 2018  Thu

On 19th May 2018, Classical Numismatic Gallery held an Auction at the Royal Numismatic Expo in New Delhi. At this event various types of coins and notes were auctioned, one of it is the 500 rupee note of King George V from the Calcutta Circle. It was sold for INR 14, 60,000, the signature of C.Rivett Caranc is printed on it. This banknote is very fine and probably unique and extremely rare.

A 25 rupee note issued by the Bank of Bengal with prefix B and no serial number, this note was sold for INR 9, 00,000. A beautiful Hindu Shahis gold half dinar coin from the north Gandhara region was sold for INR 11, 50,000.

Another coin sold by the classical Numismatic Galley was a portrait type silver coin from the Chera Kingdom from the Sangam Age. It was sold for INR 2, 40,000.

In this event many rare and unique coins and banknotes were auctioned, few of these are quite brilliant specimens for any serious collector.

Image courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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