Most Beautiful Croatian Postage Stamp of 2017

22 May 2018  Tue

Croatian Post organises a competition every year to select the most beautiful Croatian postage stamp of the previous year. The competition has been taking place since the last 21 years and the winners of The Most Beautiful Croatian Postage Stamp of 2017 were announced recently.

Apart from Croatians, people from Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA voted for the 41 finalists. A stamp called Puma the 7th Guards Brigade was finally selected as the most beautiful postage stamp printed in 2017. Zivko Skuhala designed the stamp and a designer from Zagreb named Dean Roksandic formatted it.

The second place was taken by a stamp called Olive Trees in Lun by Natasa Odak. This stamp features a photograph of a beautiful olive tree from the famous grove on the Island of Pag. The third in line was a stamp from a series named Bridges and Viaducts authored by Dean Roksandic. The stamp features the bridge in Kosinj and viaduct in Limska Draga.

Image Courtesy: Croatian Post

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