Highlights at the Hong Kong Auctions by Stacks Bowers Galleries

22 May 2018  Tue

Stack’s Bowers Galleries conducts its Hong Kong auction once in two years. This year, the event was scheduled from 2nd to 5th April and it offered several interesting World as well as Chinese banknotes. Asian paper money has once again gained popularity through this auction.

A Hong Kong 1941 $50 note issued by of the Mercantile Bank of India Ltd., graded VF 25 by PMG, had an estimated value of $2,000 to $3,000 and was sold for $12,600. A 10-kopek note, graded VF-35 by PMG, issued during the Japanese occupation of Russia during World War II had an estimated value of $6,000 but was sold for $12,000. A British administration of Malaya 1942 $1,000 note, graded Very Fine 20 Net, Annotations Lightened, Foreign Substance by PMG was sold for $15,000. A 1953 Malaya and British North Borneo $10,000 specimen note, graded AU 50 by PMG was sold for $36,000. A 1973 Singapore $10,000 note from the “Flower Series”, graded AU-50 by PCGS Currency was auctioned for $24,000.

A 13th century Yuan Dynasty 2-Kuan note, graded VF-25 by PCGS, printed on mulberry paper was sold for $43,200. The scarce 1913 Fungtien/Mukden $5 note from the Bank of Communications, graded PMG Choice Very Fine 35 Net, Ink Stamps, Previously Mounted, had an estimated value of $5,000 to $7,000 but was sold for $13,200. A Peoples Republic of China 1953 10-yuan note, graded PMG Extremely Fine 40, depicting a working farm couple on its obverse was sold for $33,600.

Image Courtesy: Stacks Bowers Galleries

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