A Lullaby Coin that Can Turn into a Music Box

21 May 2018  Mon

By using a complex minting technique, CIT recently produced a beautiful Lullaby Coin for the Cook Islands that can be turned into a musical box.

The obverse features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II along with the inscriptions 5 Dollars and 2018. The background shows stars shining against the dark, antique-finish background. The edge consists of a large cloud and a large star. The round coin takes an irregular shape with three star-shaped cut-outs. The same award-winning technology was used by CIT Coin Invest AG to produce “Crying Wolf” coin of the “Mongolian Nature” series.

A 3D crescent moon with a sleeping little boy is embossed on the reverse using smartminting technology. Clouds and stars are shown in the background and the text Lullaby is featured on the moon. The coin is wrapped in a special box, which when opened plays “Brahm’s Lullaby”. The coin also starts turning in front of a mirror, just like the 19th century musical boxes with their turning ballerinas.

Image Courtesy: CIT

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