The princely state of Bilaspur State

18 May 2018  Fri

This court fees stamp was issued by the Princely state of Bilaspur from 1940 to 1945.

Bilaspur was a part of Punjab Province during British rule. The state was initially called kahlur and was later renamed as Bilaspur. The state was established by ‘Bir Chand'. The state was named after Khalur fort built by Khala Chand.

This state became a British Protectorate in 1815 under Raja Mahan Chand. Under British rule, this state also issued the court fees stamp for revenue collection. This red coloured stamp depicts the portrait of the Raja on the left with floral designs surrounds the landscape in the centre.

The last ruler of Bilaspur state signed the accession to join the Union of India on 12 October 1948 and later on in 1954 it emerged with Himachal Pradesh as a district.

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