World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

17 May 2018  Thu

Technology is the lifeline of the modern age. The daily life of every individual is dependent on the various forms and types of technologies. One of it is the telecommunication industry that joins the world in various ways. To acknowledge this need United Nation has to purpose the event of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

On 17th May 1969, the World Telecommunication day was celebrated. It also marked the foundation of International Telecommunication Union ITU and the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention in 1865. On November 2005, the world summit on the Information society called the UN General Assembly to declare 17th May as World Information Society Day. Hence, in November 2006, the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Antalya, Turkey decided to celebrate both events on 17th May as The World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

To celebrate this day in 2018, United Nations has adopted the theme of ‘enabling the positive use of Artificial Intelligence for all over the world, this theme is influenced due to the rapidly growing and development of Artificial Intelligence in recent years. This technology is the potential and proactive tool for the individual's overall development. This theme also helps to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To commemorate the event of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, Angola Post issued a stamp on 17th May 2012. This stamp is the part of three set of a stamp depicting different ways and types of telecommunication technology

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