The Second British Commemorative

17 May 2018  Thu

In 1929, Royal Mail issued its Second Commemorative stamp to mark the Postal Union Congress held in London. On the day of opening, i.e. on 10th May 1929, this special stamp was issued.

The original plan was to issue only ½d, 1d, 1½d and 2½d stamps on opening day of the Congress but the £1 high-value stamp was later added to, perhaps, increase the value of the stamps that would be presented to each of the congress delegates and/or to produce additional revenue to help cover the costs of hosting the Congress.

Designed by Harold Nelson, the stamp features the head of King George V and an image of St George and the Dragon which had originally been drawn as an essay for the 1924 British Empire Exhibition stamps. A committee was formed to solicit designs and the chosen design from the 16 submitted was approved by Queen Mary as the King was ill.

The stamp was issued with a beautiful intricate design. The stamp features left facing Portrait of King George V in a circular vignette with Royal Crown on his head. The stamp further shows St. George slaying a Dragon. The stamp was issued in Grey colour which enhances the beauty of the stamp.

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