New Coin Set Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Australia’s Kangaroo Series

15 May 2018  Tue

Australia’s Kangaroo Series was introduced in 1993. the Royal Australian Mint and German coin distributor MDM will be issuing a combo set with Kangaroo 1-ounce silver coin and a 2-ounce bar featuring a special design around the coin to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the program.

Kangaroos were first depicted on the reverse of the 1937 Australian penny. Ever since then, it has been portrayed in different forms and followed several themes. Every coin of the special series showcases various aspects of the Kangaroo. It has not only contributed to Australian biodiversity but has also become a cultural icon.

The 2-ounce silver bar has a slot which holds the Frosted Uncirculated 2018 Seasons Change 1-ounce coin. The latest coin features two jumping kangaroos on the reverse. A special 25 privy mark is also inscribed. The set has a mintage limit of 5,000 pieces and can be purchased for $325 Australian. The Frosted Uncirculated version without the privy mark has a mintage limit of 5,000 pieces and can be bought for $80 Australian. A Proof version also has a mintage limit of 5,000 pieces and costs $100 AUD each.

Image Courtesy: Royal Australian Mint

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