Shurasena Janapada

11 May 2018  Fri

Shurasena Janapada is one of the sixteen Mahajanapada of ancient India. Today it is located in the Braj, the region around Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Shurasena Janapada got its name from the Shura, the father of Vasudeva and Kunti, who gave his name to the country of which he was king. The king of Shurasena was an Avantiputra and pradyodata of Avanti had a close relation with him. Shurasene Janapada was conquered by Mahapadma Nanda around 350 BC. Shurasena Janapada has issued coins in two denominations Half-Karshapana and Mashaka. Half-Karshapana issued by them weighs around 3.1 to 3.5 g and Mashaka issued by them weighs around 0.3 to 0.4g.

Coins which were issued by this janapada have the symbols of the lion, hills like symbol, fish, crescent, whorl, lion and taurin. On some coins lion-like animal is standing on a hill is seen and on some coins, a fish is seen above an animal with some ancillary symbol. In some of the coins, fish is replaced by the sun or a lion or a taurine.

Image Courtesy: Rajgor Auction

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